Victor Omollo

Kenya - Human Resource Management & Operations

Victor is a coach and trainer who has helped professionals and entrepreneurs gain fresh perspectives on purpose, problems, performance, personal development, and positive progress in life and careers. He has created platforms that inspire people to explore their individual potential and synergetic collaboration possibilities. As a coach, Victor has guided entrepreneurs and leaders in an exciting experience that helped them understand, evaluate, and maximize their leadership impact. He has walked with C-Suite executives in assessing their thought processes regarding change management, growth challenges, team dynamics and transitions, and personal development. Victor has designed training curricula and coaching modules that empower audiences to use their potential to create wholesome, sustainable change in their careers and communities. In 2015, he co-founded The Peculiar People, a company that supports professionals to cultivate better decisions, embrace challenges as opportunities for innovation, and empowers entrepreneurs.

At Sinapis, Victor trains entrepreneurs in HR, Operations, Leadership, and Management modules and provides coaching post the Academy experience. Victor is married to one beautiful wife, and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter.