Jane Annette Mukuba

Program Manager

Jane Annette is a resourceful, passionate individual committed to learning and growth. She has more than 10 years of experience in different industries, ranging from the hospitality, airline, food, SME and NGO sectors. She has first hand experience in administration, customer experience, sales, entrepreneurship, project management, operations, and program management, to mention but a few.

She has a passion for growing people and helping them reach amazing heights. She also loves creating workable structures that help improve operations and increase efficiency. Currently, she serves in Sinapis Organization, where she takes part in empowering entrepreneurs to start and grow sustainable businesses that glorify God at the end of the day.

She loves people, processes, and innovative ideas that bring positive change in the world. Besides Sinapis, she also empowers the youth to explore and develop their potential through mentorship, coaching, and training.

During her free time she enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring new interests. Her personal mantra is: When you stop learning, you stop growing.