Somoye Otieno

Kenya - Sales and Marketing

Somoye takes an entrepreneurial and business-minded approach to development and is an experienced agribusiness development specialist. She has a track record of helping African farmers commercialize their business, develop new products, and ensure they participate in the proper agricultural value chains. In addition, Somoye has years of expertise in technical assistance projects related to rural development for community-based natural resource management. She is skilled in developing training curricula and courses for community development practitioners and management.

Somoye is a capable team leader in large-scale projects and program coordination, including financial management, and can work effectively with a wide range of partners in the commercial sector, research organizations, and government. Strong analytical mind and willingness to learn. A passion for social development and end-product focus.

Somoye brings his ability to manage and motivate staff, build effective teams, and encourage individual development and growth to the classroom at Sinapis.