Movements are the best way to meet the scale of spiritual and economic needs in the world today, and that is what the Sinapis Network is building with its partners.
The world needs Jesus and jobs. We believe that local, Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs are a critical part of the solution, and job creation is a sustainable and dignified way to alleviate poverty. As local entrepreneurs identify business opportunities, they build profitable companies, grow the economy, create jobs, and increase incomes for families. Successful entrepreneurs working within their own communities are ideally placed to change culture for Christ. Because of this, we are committed to empowering entrepreneurs and implementing global partners to transform their communities from the inside out.

What began as a seed has grown into a global community of thousands of entrepreneurs with ongoing learning, networking, and connection to capital.
Sinapis partners with bold, Holy Spirit-led business, church, institutional, and community leaders who want their county to prosper through growing Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) by sharing curriculum, toolkits, systems, and lessons learned. We support the process by providing in-depth training and ongoing access to our team of experts. The Sinapis Network moves toward our goals together through regular meetings focused on building a collaborative, international network of practitioners that can implement and refine this model globally. Finally, we connect entrepreneurs with the right opportunities to Kingdom-minded investors ready to fast track their growth.


Connect with us to learn more about how to partner with Sinapis by integrating our programs into the vision you have for your community.

East Africa Partnership
If you are a church, association, financial institution, or a university who is interested in partnering with us in Kenya, Uganda, or Rwanda, please contact

Global Partnership
If you are interested in bringing Sinapis to a new market, please contact our Director of Training and Global Partnerships, Sylvie Somerville, at