Joram Mwinamo

Co-founder - SNDBX, WYLDE

Joram Mwinamo is a strategic planning consultant with 20 years of experience working with SMEs across Africa. He is the co-founder and CEO of SNDBX, the first comprehensive and sustainable entrepreneurship support organisation in the world. He is innovative and inspirational in his approach, and highly skilled in organisation development, business strategy development and implementation, leadership development, entrepreneurship development, and organisation culture. Joram is fondly referred to as the chief entrepreneur in East Africa. His considerable entrepreneurial empathy and strategic mind have inspired the success of many businesses. His rhetoric constantly challenges the status quo and seeks to initiate new ideas on how entrepreneurs can receive the support they need to grow their businesses. Joram is also a writer and blogger at where he seeks to inspire entrepreneurs and businesspeople to conduct business with integrity and become societal change agents.