Sinapis began in Kenya in 2010, launching its first cohort of entrepreneurs in 2011. The Sinapis co-founders (American and Kenyan) were working with small businesses in Kenya during their master’s programs and identified many consistent gaps across the entrepreneurs they worked with.

The Sinapis Academy grew out of the founders’ experiences in the early Sinapis years. The Fast Track Academy and the annual Business Competition started just a few years later to provide additional support and incentive to alumni of the Academy program.

Sinapis’ target demographic is early and growth-stage businesses, but over the years, we identified another gap: businesses in the idea stage or just-launching phase that needed a different type of support. The Aspire Launchpad was developed in 2018 to fill this gap.

In 2018, Sinapis also expanded its alumni network. Coaching was added in 2020 to address the gap in post-training support, which is critical to sustaining entrepreneurial growth.

You can learn more about each of our programs by clicking the "Entrepreneurs" tab at the top of our website.

"Sinapis has hugely contributed to our business's growth, sustainability, and success. They have helped link us to potential investors/funding opportunities, publicized our business to the market, and provided ongoing strategic advice."

Leah Imaita
Co-Owner, Jazza Centre

"This is one program every business owner should consider enrolling in. The benefits are immeasurable. I'm a beneficiary. Thank you, Sinapis!"

Joseph Gichunge
Co-Founder & CEO, Jazza Centre

"Sinapis gave me a full kit to use to start my business."

Niyonzima Pierre
CEO & Founder, Safe Sana

"At Sinapis I gained the skills I needed in order to manage my business. I also learned how to raise funds from investors."

Murerwa Xavier
CEO, Gishuri Chicken Organic Farm

"Sinapis was instrumental in improving my general business management, time allocation, and building strong networking connections."

Geoffrey Kinaalwa
CEO & Founder, La' Marc

"The Sinapis Entrepreneur Academy unit economics class helped me determine my unit and how much it costs for me to produce one."

Alex Wanyu
Founder, Alexander Perfumery LTD

"When we started our Sinapis classes, we were asked to pick one business. I chose a new venture I was getting into - speaking. I would never have imagined that just over a year later I would be speaking on the biggest stage - TED. May this be a testimony that Kingdom business has a benefit here and in Heaven."

Robert A. Belle
CEO, SMIP Consultancy

"Sinapis gave me conviction to know that you can still do business the right way - The Kingdom Business Way. You do not have to bribe or pay your way into a contract. Hard work, faith, and prayer works wonders. I am truly grateful for this."

Brian Gacheru
CEO, Pristine Linen & Laundry Limited

"I loved the Kingdom Business aspect and approach in the program. I am more enlightened than I was when I joined the program. It is very worthwhile."

Margaret Njenga
Founder, Margarita Bakes