Sinapis launched a partnership with Asia Leadership Development Network (ALDN) in November 2020.

Sinapis first met ALDN’s founder and CEO Baolerhu Ligden in 2018 at a Business as Mission (BAM) conference in the USA. ALDN is based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and works with Mongolians in Mongolia, Inner China, and the Mongolian diaspora in the US and Europe. ALDN exists to transform emerging leaders who will carry the transformation of the gospel torch into the future. ALDN is working with emerging leaders in churches and in movements, as well as lay workers in the marketplace, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and culture shapers. They provide mentorship, a learning community, relevant content resources, and renewed vision for them to grow and influence their ministry and work.

Their mission is to impact the leaders in different spheres of influence to transform the nation of Mongolia for Christ. ALDN’s business accelerator department, called Unleash, runs annual conferences, training programs, and other services for kingdom entrepreneurs in Mongolia and the diaspora. Unleash currently offers Sinapis’ Aspire Launchpad program in Mongolian and will expand to offer the Sinapis Entrepreneur Academy in future years.

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The Aspire LaunchPad has been a an eye opening experience. It has provided me with a nurturing environment where I can explore and learn about my own potential and future. This invaluable experience has given life into aspirations that once felt distant and unreachable, particularly the dream of establishing my own thriving business based on my creative endeavors. Through the Aspire LaunchPad, I've had the opportunity to go on a path of growth and empowerment. It has helped me to see the belief that the gifts I possess, given to me by God, can be harnessed for the greater good and to bring glory to God. It's a reminder that success can be defined in ways far more expansive and unlimited ways than the constraints I grew up with.  
                   —Maralmaa Dugar | Aspire Launch Pad | Mongolia