International Advisor

Steve Cesler

Retired Sales VP - Procter & Gamble

Steve Cesler, a retiree with a wealth of experience, brings a robust history of leadership and accomplishments. His tenure includes sales function leadership for Global Business Units, overseeing P&L for Global Braun Appliances, and pioneering new sales structures like the Global Electronics channel. With a remarkable track record in North America, Latin America, and Europe, Steve excels in complex problem-solving, synthesizing key issues, and creating winning organizations. As the former Vice President of Global Sales Health & Grooming at Braun Commercial Organization, he provided strategic leadership for sustained success. Steve's expertise extends beyond business, as he has been a founder, board member, and advisor to multiple organizations, including Buenos Aires International Christian Academy, Kore Foundation, Mariemont Church, Call of Love, Munoz Foundation, and Sinapis.