Sinapis Alumni Expo - Making Time for Fun and Relationships

December 7, 2022

Since its inception in 2010, Sinapis has had over 7,000 business owners undergo training, with 1,600 program graduates. With this number of alumni, there is a wealth of experience, products, services, and fun to be shared. On October 15th, 2022, the Alumni Expo and Fun Day took place for Sinapis alumni to connect, network, and glean from one another. 

As the first physical meet-up since before 2020, the Alumni Team wanted to make this a memorable one. To do so, they invited the Alumni Champions to partner with them as event planners. From start to finish, the day was covered by alumni’s efforts and hard work. The planning team started in late July, and a committee and subcommittees were quickly formed to ensure every detail was covered. One alumnus shared the idea of including a soko (Kenyan for “market”) where the alumni would showcase their products. The team also invited the Kingdom Bank CEO and MD, Anthony Mburu, as the guest speaker. The Alumni Champions marketed the expo across alumni social media groups, and tickets were sold through an alumnus’s online event management and ticket platform. 

When the week of the event arrived, it came with challenges. But, with the wisdom and grace of God, the planning team was able to overcome those challenges and host an exciting day for the Sinapis alumni. Mr. Anthony Mburu shared on the topic of “Positioning Business for Emerging Opportunities.” He encouraged participants to reflect internally on ways to capitalize on business opportunities. The MD used the journey of IBM from a computing, tabulating, and recording company to a global enterprise to demonstrate how entrepreneurs can position their businesses to meet the surrounding needs. He admonished the attendees to make “the most of every opportunity,” keeping with Ephesians 5:16.

Another day's highlight was the expo, which included thirty-seven alumni from various sectors. Networking opportunities and a raffle were also included in the day’s activities. Partners such as Kingdom Bank, Strathmore Law Clinic, Young Emerging Leaders, Liz Consulting, FDE, and Enwealth joined the alumni for the day. There were 120 people in attendance, and hopes are high to make this an annual event, with the next Alumni Expo and Fun Day coming in Fall 2023. 

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