Celebrating the Sinapis Alumni Champions of 2022

December 6, 2022

The Sinapis vision to equip business owners and build Kingdom-focused relationships doesn’t end at the completion of a program. Recently, Sinapis hosted an Alumni Champions’ dinner to recognize and celebrate alumni who have been at the forefront of spearheading alumni engagement within their cohorts. The dinner, held at Waridi Paradise Hotel in Hurlinghum, hosted thirty-five attendees, twenty of whom are Champions. 

The title of “Alumni Champion” is given to those who have stepped into a leadership role at a cohort level and beyond. The Champions attended a training session earlier in 2022, and they recently planned and executed the Alumni Fun and Expo Day held on October 15th. This event took two and a half months to plan and was a huge success. With 120 attendees, the expo showcased the products of Sinapis business owners, provided networking opportunities, and included a guest speaker. The Alumni Champions were the driving force behind this event.

The Expo Day planning team was presented with certificates at the Alumni Champions’ dinner on November 5th. Several awards were given, including the Extra Mile Award. Robert Ouma received this award for his vital role in the success of the Sinapis Expo and Fun Day. Robert’s dedication, sacrifice, and tireless efforts were noticed even by those meeting him for the first time at that event. Robert also serves as the chairman of his cohort, Evening 6.0, and he has played a significant role in organizing monthly meet-ups for his cohort since February 2020.

Two other awards were also presented. The Most Engaged Award went to Vicky Ndeto for her dedicated efforts toward alumni involvement. Her cohort, which has met monthly since 2019, engages in goal-setting and provides support and accountability for one another. Vicky has also planned events for those who graduated the same year as her, and she has connected with other cohorts to share her experience as a Champion. The final award, the Kingdom Business Award, was given to Paul Nabiswa for his progress in creating a life-giving culture in his business and his desire for discipleship within his team. 

The Alumni Champions’ dinner not only celebrated the efforts of those at the forefront of alumni engagement, but it also inspired other attendees. Alumni who are passionate about community but are not yet Champions attended the event, leaving with inspiration to increase engagement with their own cohorts. The Champions were motivated to start planning for next year’s Expo and Fun Day, and they left feeling valued and appreciated. Overall, the event demonstrated Sinapis’s commitment not just to a program but to individuals who create a vibrant and life-giving community. 

The vision is to host this event annually as a way to celebrate and recognize the alumni who go above and beyond, serving alongside the Alumni Team at Sinapis.

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