Sinapis Business Clinic in Uganda Helps Entrepreneurs Lay A Foundation For Success

December 8, 2022

2022 Uganda Business Clinic by Sinapis Group

The fear of a failed start-up is very real, and Sinapis is intentional in helping entrepreneurs lay a foundation for a successful business. From a business’s inception, Sinapis guides the business owner in testing his or her ideas and products with potential customers and in getting feedback from more experienced entrepreneurs, all while making zero assumptions along the way. One piece of laying that firm foundation and helping to mitigate start-up failure is the Sinapis Business Clinics we host in each country we operate. 

This year’s Uganda Sinapis Annual Business Clinic took place on November 19th, 2022 in Kampala. Those who attended are connected with Sinapis and entrepreneurship in Uganda and included Sinapis alumni, investors, consultants, and trainers, among others. The event brought these individuals together to analyze, assess, and evaluate business ideas while providing networking opportunities.

The mission of Sinapis is to make disciples and alleviate poverty through the power of entrepreneurship. Sinapis seeks to foster the holistic development of entrepreneurs, leading to profitable and sustainable businesses having Kingdom impact. The annual Business Clinic has this mission as its driving force. The event is designed for participants to share opportunities and challenges in growing their businesses. In the past, attendees have received a great level of support from these interactions, and the annual event greatly contributes to their next steps in business growth. 

The 40+ Ugandan entrepreneurs in attendance connected with business consultants and experts on a wide variety of topics. These topics included customer attraction and retention, sales and marketing, legal and tax compliance for SMEs, pitching and funding for SMEs, digital marketing for startups, business strategy and branding, financial management, and business as mission.

In addition to one-to-one consultations, business owners could connect with their peers through focus group discussions. The topics included “Starting Small and Growing Big,” “Building Innovative and Scalable Solutions for the Africa We Want,” and “Hiring and Firing Right.”

Sinapis is passionate about building thriving communities. The Business Clinic was an opportunity for Sinapis alumni and staff to network and connect with entrepreneurs beyond their cohorts, communities, and districts. Three business owners from the Sinapis alumni network also got the opportunity to exhibit their products and services to the attendees. Participants made strong connections with one another, serving the Sinapis goal to create the most relational network of entrepreneurs in the world.

“This engagement was the best I have come across in a while. Very brilliant, well-informed business professionals handling every shared business challenge open-mindedly with great dexterity and precision as if it were their first.” --2022 Business Clinic Attendee

The next Business Clinic is coming in October 2023. Until then, check out the Sinapis program calendar for more workshops, webinars, and events to support you as an entrepreneur in East Africa.