A Growing Global Network: The Community Egypt

September 3, 2021

The Community (TC) Egypt was born in the wake of the Egyptian revolution of 2011. Their dynamic discipleship ministry serves young people, recovering addicts, women, and business professionals. TC Egypt believes when individuals are equipped to reach their full potential, the community will be transformed. 

The Cairo Institute of Faith and Work, led by Peter Ramzy, is an innovative partnership between TC Egypt and Sinapis and serves entrepreneurs with practical training and business development. Sinapis provides the curriculum and program content, and TC Egypt administers the programs. Genesis is a nine-week contextualized version of our Aspire Launchpad, and Oasis Academy is a four-month MBA alternative based on our Entrepreneur Academy for current business owners looking to grow their companies.

Becoming a Sinapis partner was a key to the Institute’s successful launch. Peter explains, “Sinapis provided structure and a foundation for us. We didn’t know where to start, but we knew there was a market for this.” Peter explains that local entrepreneurs, especially those with small to medium-sized businesses, want capacity building and training, a network, and mentoring. “We provide them with purpose-driven skills that help them grow a good business.”

TC Egypt is making an inspiring impact on the local business community and larger society. Within Egypt, 25 entrepreneurs were trained through the Genesis program and 21 leaders through the Oasis Academy. Outside of Cairo, Genesis participants included 11 young entrepreneurs from the Nile Delta, an area generally closed off to Christian ministry. Offering Christian entrepreneurship programs in this region opens new doors for outreach and capacity building. Regionally, TC Egypt trained 25 people in strategic thinking from across the Middle East. The initial feedback from entrepreneurs who enrolled in all the courses was enthusiastic. Peter shares, “100% of participants reported an impact and value. They are all growing their businesses, and we’ve had many referrals.” Peter and his team have provided tailored support for seven high-potential companies with advising, consulting, and in-depth coaching, including successful furniture start-up Tekton.

Egypt has the largest Christian population and one of the fastest-growing economies in the Middle East.

While TC Egypt’s Genesis and Oasis Academy are not offered only to Christians, their faith-based identity is clear. Peter is encouraged by the spiritual impact being reported. “Participants say they want to apply the content, and 75% of participants have reported at least one employee is growing in their spiritual journey.”

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