Creating Smiles

October 22, 2020

As city shops close for the day and Kampala traffic buzzes by, Sinapis alumni Steven Mugabe sits down to talk about his professional journey as a dental surgeon and business owner. His general dental practice, Code Clinic, has built a strong local reputation as a trustworthy, safe, and high quality place to seek treatment. Steven exemplifies Kingdom Business by using his clinic as a ministry to serve his community. These traits have also shined through the challenges brought on by Covid-19.

A Heart to Serve

Located in the Kamwokya neighborhood of Kampala, Code Clinic operates with the mission to serve people with respect, dignity, and excellence. Steven’s staff sees high-need patients with dental anxiety, working intentionally to ensure that each one feels cared for. They also encourage preventative treatment, which saves clients money and pain in the long run.Additionally, Code Clinic does not let their mission stop with their clients. Each staff member is poured into with mentorship and Biblical truth. Steven created regular times for staff to have the opportunity to discuss their spiritual journeys and explore their own personal calling and purpose. These times include prayer, devotions, and times to challenge each other. Steven says, “While a majority of our staff are Christians, even the non-Christians are beginning to join these fellowship times at their own will.”Because of Steven’s faith, Code Clinic’s budget has an intentional focus on generosity. They support an orphanage with dental service and during lockdown expanded to provide the children with food and clothing. As a Kingdom business, Steven wants to use his business as a means to serve and care for those around him instead of focusing solely on profits.

Poised to Grow

Being an essential service provider has proved to be a godsend this year. Since dental clinics are considered essential by the government, Code Clinic has been able to keep their doors open even during the country’s lockdown. Transportation and curfew restrictions have meant that some staff members and clients are unable to come to the office, yet Steven has seen this as an opportunity. Steven has always believed that investment in technology is key for business success, but this year, it has proved to be crucial with virtual visits becoming more necessary. Furthermore, offering flexible work schedules has allowed staff to navigate barriers created by lockdowns while increasing productivity and lowering operational costs for the business.As a proactive entrepreneur, Steven and his staff are working to prepare for the future while business is slow. Employees who must work from home are actually growing in skills as they take part in an online dental practice management program to further their education, improving Code Clinic’s treatment methods and efficiency for years to come. Steven is also working on fine-tuning their systems while revisiting and updating manuals and policies. “We have had to re-strategize and look through our finances, operations and team structure to confirm effectiveness of the processes.” Steven believes Code Clinic will be poised to grow once the pandemic subsides. To prepare for this, he has added a new full-time dentist to the staff. “Previously, I was the only full-time dentist, and this limited our expansion and growth.” Having this additional help allows Code Clinic to be able to better serve their community.Entrepreneurs like Steven are the reason Sinapis exists. We are passionate about equipping people to grow innovative businesses that meet real needs in their communities in a way that glorifies God. Learn more about our programs.

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