Digital Pivot Proving Valuable for New Aspire Launchpad Graduates

September 30, 2021

An unexpected benefit of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the pivot to digital and hybrid delivery of content. Offering online training has allowed us to reach more people outside of major city centers and serve entrepreneurs balancing child care and transportation challenges.

One such entrepreneur that we reached in the digital transition of our Aspire Launchpad program is Abel Kakuru. Without the pandemic, Abel could not have participated in the Aspire Program, as it is typically an in-person event in Kampala, which is over 200 kilometers away from his hometown of Tororo. In the Aspire Launchpad program, Kingdom Business is a critical part of our curriculum. At Sinapis, we believe that it shapes and informs how we, as Christians, operate in the marketplace. This concept deeply resonates with Abel, who particularly appreciated how Biblical principles are paired with business knowledge in a way that is digestible and scalable. 

“The knowledge that I acquired from [Aspire] was worth every penny I paid,” said Abel in a recent interview. He noted that the Aspire course taught him how to avoid critical mistakes as he moves from the idea to launch-stage, such as ensuring the business provides a solution to the problem in the community, determining what customers will pay, and ensuring that the product or offering is customer-focused. 

For Abel, the Kingdom Business curriculum is central to his business idea: providing holistic, Christian education in his community of Tororo. Abel and his wife have lived in Tororo for over 10 years, and their children attend the local schools. While the schools are doing their best, the quality of education provided is not adequate. 

“Our vision is to train children to become confident and independent critical thinkers as they grow in wisdom and stature to achieve their God-given full potential. This will be done through the provision of a friendly learning and fun-filled Christian environment with adequate amenities,” said Abel in a recent interview. 

Abel’s story reflects how the digital pivot of programs is allowing the reach of Sinapis to expand. Equipped with a vision and his recent Kingdom-business training, Abel is making preparations to launch his school in the coming year. He has purchased four acres of land on the edge of the Tororo municipality and architects have started working on the school plan. He and his team are looking to start construction by November 2021 and are aiming to start with four classes, adding a new one each year.

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