Mongolia Partnership Brings Sinapis to Asia

March 10, 2021

Sinapis is excited to announce that we have partnered with Asia Leadership Development Network (ALDN) to train Mongolian entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses, create jobs, and impact their communities. ALDN will be implementing our Aspire Launchpad, Entrepreneur Academy, and Fast Track Accelerator programs through their global business hub, Unleash Network. ALDN plans to train Mongolian entrepreneurs in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia in China, and in the diaspora, which will include Mongolian entrepreneurs in the US. Training will first be made available in English, then will be translated into Mongolian.

About ALDN’s Passion for Mongolian Entrepreneurs

Asia Leadership Development Network exists to identify, transform, and mobilize emerging young Mongolian leaders who have the potential to impact the nation for Christ. When communism came to an end in 1990, there were only four known Christians in the country. Today there are as many as 250,000 Christians and over 500 churches across Mongolia! However, according to the 2020 census, Christians make up only 1.3% of the Mongolian population. ALDN has a deep desire to see these Christians equipped so that they can grow spiritually, economically, and socially. Furthermore, capitalism is a relatively new concept for Mongolia, and the Mongolian people are eager to learn how to create, manage, and grow businesses.ALDN is committed to reaching Mongolia through a number of transformative leadership development and digital media programs including one-day conferences, monthly workshops, and intensive entrepreneurship programs in partnership with Sinapis. ALDN is also creating highly engaging digital content through podcasts, ebooks, and audiobooks. Each program is designed to equip leaders to create solutions that make a physical, emotional, and spiritual impact.  

“Poverty, Injustice, corruption and other social problems are real. However, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship and businesses with higher purposes. With great partners like Sinapis, we will help our community learn entrepreneurship in a systematic way, and help many to launch businesses that strive to make the difference around them, not just to survive. We will create more dignity restoring jobs in our community and help more people to experience God’s fullness and redemptive plan. We are excited for the next chapter!” ALDN Founder and CEO, Baolerhu Ligden

Mongolia Becomes Sinapis’ Ninth Country

ALDN and Mongolia become the fifth implementing partner and ninth country to join Sinapis in our mission to make disciples and alleviate poverty through the power of entrepreneurship. Sinapis will support ALDN by training their staff on our curriculum, providing toolkits for program implementation, developing an impact dashboard for monitoring and evaluation, and connecting them to our growing global network. The world needs Jesus and jobs. At Sinapis, we believe that local, Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs are a critical part of the solution. Job creation is a sustainable and dignified way to alleviate poverty. As local entrepreneurs identify business opportunities, they build profitable companies, grow the economy, create jobs, and increase incomes for families. Successful entrepreneurs working within their own communities are ideally placed to change culture for Christ. Because of this, we are committed to empowering entrepreneurs and implementing partners like ALDN to transform their communities from the inside out.

Asian Leadership Development Network Program Overview:

Grow Mongolia: Works with leaders in the business and public sectors to develop servant leaders with vision, character, and competence to change the society. They host an annual conference called Grow Mongolia Ethics and Leadership Conference as well as multiple smaller trainings for the Ministry of Education and other arms of the government.Faith and Work Mongolia: Accelerates marketplace leaders, professionals, and church leaders to integrate faith into their work and their callings. They host monthly gatherings, webinars, and forums to speak into these matters.Gerelt App: The largest Christian ebook and audiobook application platform in Mongolia. Gerelt had 9,000+ active users and sold over 17,800+ ebooks and audiobooks in 2020.Mercy Network: Mercy Network exists to serve vulnerable families in Mongolia who need immediate physical (food), emotional, relational, and spiritual support with the hope to create a sustainable cycle of care for those in need with the partnership of local churches. They launched the network during the pandemic and on average, help feed over 75+ families and serve over 630+ vulnerable individuals monthly.Unleash Media: Creates value-based leadership content and resources to reach emerging generations online. They have a successful social media platform that touches 500,000 people weekly. Unleash Media also produces two podcast episodes monthly on topics of leadership, entrepreneurship, emotional health, and various other subjects with an average of 4,000+ downloads per episode. Unleash Summit and Unleash Academy: Unleash desires to help build healthy and effective leaders, teams, and companies through events, training, executive coaching, global mentorship networks, and global investors.

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