Planting the Seeds: A Story from the Aspire Launchpad Program

September 28, 2021

The name Sinapis refers to Jesus’ mustard seed parable, where the smallest of seeds grows into the greatest refuge for many. One of our recent Ugandan Aspire Launchpad graduates, Anne Besigiroha Mugabe, embodies the core of what Sinapis stands for. 

“I am not in business for the sake of it, I am in business for the glory of God,” said Anne in a recent interview.

Anne has happily spent over 20 years in the same career in the banking industry, and like many others in similar positions, questions whether there is more she could do with her extra time and resources. Anne’s eagerness and drive to start something new during her time in the Aspire program become stronger because of gaining strategic planning skills, coaching, and confidence to shape her venture concept. While Anne is continuing in her career, she is combining her corporate experience with newfound entrepreneurial training to cast a vision of a business that exists to advance the Kingdom of God. 

“[Aspire] was a game-changer for me, it really was.” 

Anne currently operates a farm 300 kilometers outside of Kampala where she grows coffee, bananas, pineapples, and other produce. With selling what she grows, Anne is also tapping into the rich cultural history of the region to create a tourist experience where agriculture, heritage, and hospitality come together. Anne’s vision is to use her farm to affect the community and bless those that come on the tourist adventure. The Aspire Launchpad taught her you can build a successful business out of something small if you focus and do the little things well. 

Anne had started a baking venture a few years ago, which did not last for a variety of reasons. She feels she would still run that business today if she had Aspire back then. The lessons Anne learned in the Aspire program now highlight solutions for the issues she previously faced. With the new training, vision, and planning, Anne is confident in the seeds she is planting today. She is working through how to make her business one that yields spiritual, financial, and emotional fruit for all that interact with it.

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