Sinapis alum Rabboni Group LTD. Receives Capital Investment

May 11, 2021

Sinapis Group alumna, Pamela Oketcho, and her two co-founders of Rabboni Group Ltd., recently received a capital investment from our ally, Talanton. Rabboni Group is an agricultural processing and trading company in Uganda that connects smallholder farmers with food manufacturers and ultimately supermarkets in East Africa. Their business design completes the entire delivery cycle connecting agronomy, aggregation and route to market for primarily corn and soy products. Rabboni's goal is to reduce inefficiencies in the value chain while also increasing farmer household incomes. By helping farmers improve their food’s shelf life and enabling reliable transportation, it can make these products available to everyone in the region. Rabboni has a vision to be the leading aggregator, processor, and distributor of grain in East Africa while benefiting all stakeholders in the business. They hope to work with over 6,000 farmers in the next few years.Pamela is a graduate of Sinapis’ first Entrepreneur Academy class in Uganda. In 2014, she and two partners founded Rabboni Group. They serve, advise, and educate farmers while providing a logistical pipeline so they can receive fair wages. Rabboni currently supports over 2,600 grain farmers and employs 26 full time and 63 seasonal workers. Pamela and her co-founders commit to running a Kingdom business that creates opportunities and actively stands against corruption while rapidly growing the company in the coming years.

We thank Sinapis for recommending us to Talanton where we have obtained a financing commitment that will grow as we hit key milestones. This investment catapults us to hit large scale milestones in revenue, operational efficiencies, and importantly broadens our scale and reach with the thousands of smallholder farmers yearning for a reliable market off taker like Rabboni. We are thankful for the technical and spiritual support provided by Sinapis, and we are definitely going places. We are proud to be associated with Sinapis.” - Pamela Oketcho, Rabboni Group

We are excited for Rabboni and what this means both for them and the marginalized smallholder farmers they support,” says Toby Kilgore, Sinapis COO and lead for investment-related activity. “Rabboni is a fantastic example of kingdom business lived out–grown and led with excellence, intentionally honoring God, and sharing the love of Christ through how it conducts business and it treats people. We look forward to seeing more kingdom businesses in frontier markets receiving investment support from faith driven investors, enabling further growth and affecting both economic and spiritual poverty.

This investment positions Rabboni Group to leverage their strengths to improve the incomes of farmers and create new jobs while improving yields, reducing spoil, and transporting products to market in order to take advantage of the projected 4.2% growth in the Ugandan Grains Market over the next five years. Regional demand on grain exports is rising according to Mordor Intelligence. The Bank of Uganda reported over $700 million in maize exports to Kenya in 2018 alone.

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