Sinapis Coaching Now Available For Alumni

March 17, 2021
“It was a game-changer. A must for any entrepreneur wanting to take their business to the next level.” - Joseph Gichunge, Co-founder & CEO of Jazza Centre

We’re excited to announce Sinapis Coaching. Sinapis has been developing and supporting entrepreneurs in Africa for over and professional coaching designed to address specific business challenges as they are happening continues to be a desire for our alumni. We’re serious and passionate about helping you achieve success every step of the journey, from the spark of your idea to seeing your company flourish and positively impact the lives of others. We’re expanding our ways of serving you, our alum, with the launch of Sinapis Coaching, an entrepreneur coaching program.  Coaching has been linked to a return on investment (RoI) of almost six times the program cost. Coaching has been shown to improve relationships, improve teamwork, improve job satisfaction, and improve the quality of your company’s output. How? Coaches provide a professional and experienced guide in the many decisions you face, an external partner to be your sounding board for things you can’t share internally, and the autonomous voice who can challenge you to reframe how you’re seeing that next big decision.    Sinapis also believes in the power of entrepreneurs learning from one another. This, paired with an experienced coach will be the powerful combination that makes Sinapis Coaching an impactful experience for you and your business.  What is Sinapis Coaching?Sinapis Coaching is a 6-month experience that will include two individual coaching sessions, once at the beginning and once at the end of those six months. You’ll also participate in 6 two-hour coaching sessions with your coach and your small group over that period of time.As you join the program, you’ll be placed in a group with other entrepreneurs, ready to help each other out, learn from each other’s successes and challenges, and committed to helping each other, and your organizations, grow.Your group will be assigned a coach. Both the coach and others in your group will provide that perfect sounding board for the ideas and burdens that may be too new or too scary to share within your own executive teams.  

Are you ready to take your organization to the next level?

If any of this sounds like it's “right what I need when I need it”… reach out! Let’s get started.Reach out today to Sinapis at

“I was able to be more focused on achieving my goals. The accountability kept me on my toes.” - Deborah Njiri, Founder of Hope Uniforms Ltd. 

Written by Dr. Beth BirminghamBeth is an American professor, consultant, and coach in the international development sector helping others lead well, achieve their missional outcomes, and foster flourishing organizational culture.

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