Why Choose Small Group Coaching

October 6, 2021

Leverage expert coaching with like-minded peers

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve heard of business coaching, but may not be sure if it’s right for you. What will you get out of coaching? How will you know if this is the right time? 

In conducting training across several nations, our team sees first-hand how gaining business skills works, but many of our alumni desire a next step to continue building their businesses and increasing their impact. To answer that need, Sinapis designed a unique small group coaching program for alumni.

“Sinapis coaching was a game changer—a must for any entrepreneur wanting to take their business to the next level.” - Kenyan entrepreneur Joseph Gichunge 

Why small group coaching

When you think of business coaching, you may imagine a doctor-patient appointment, a therapy session, or a cozy coffee with a mentor. These are all great connections, but not the way business coaching works best. 

Our research shows that to really get the most from expert coaching, focused sessions with a coach and a small group of peers works best. Coaches provide guidance and ask high-impact questions, while peers provide context, experience, and accountability. With Sinapis small group coaching, entrepreneurs get deeper insight, take concrete actions, and see profound results.

“I had always thought that coaching is one-on-one, but it turns out that coaching is best executed with the presence of other entrepreneurs.” – Kenyan entrepreneur Viola Maina

How Sinapis small group coaching works

Our coaching program helps Sinapis alumni resolve critical business challenges within the context of their faith and connects them to a growing movement of Kingdom-focused entrepreneurs around the world.

Each invitation-only cohort requires a six-month commitment, during which entrepreneurs join a group with an expert coach and five other men and women. In addition to monthly two-hour group sessions, each entrepreneur receives individual support from the coach and ongoing connection through informal group interactions. 

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Benefits of small group coaching with Sinapis

As you think about what the next steps in your entrepreneurial journey might look like, we encourage you to consider the Sinapis small group coaching program. 

  • Get focused input from an expert business coach
  • Learn how to make concrete applications of your business knowledge
  • Create action plans that help you take the next step
  • Receive support and insight from other successful entrepreneurs
  • Find accountability to put your plans into action

Our coaching program graduates continue to see benefits even after their formal program is complete, by staying connected to their peer group and to our growing international network. Don’t delay. Small groups are forming now!

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