Entrepreneurship and business training designed to upskill and upscale new and existing MSMEs in coastal Kenya

Program Offerings

Entrepreneur Academy: This program for early-stage to growth-stage entrepreneurs is an intensive, highly-practical, four month program designed to grow successful businesses.
Entrepreneur Academy Modules: 4-8 weeks courses focused on specific content pulled from our 16-week program.
Aspire Launchpad: This program is for idea stage and early stage businesses that helps them build a scalable business model.
Workshops: 2-4 hours, content pulled from Sinapis programs depending on entrepreneur needs

Small Group Coaching: A unique group coaching program for our graduates designed to help you navigate ongoing business challenges or get additional support to continue implementing what you've learned in our programs. The support of your coach and a small group of other successful entrepreneurs helps you put your knowledge into practice and see significant growth in your business.
If you are an existing or new entrepreneurs operating within one of the six pre-determined sectors outlined below and/or operating in any of these counties, we invite you to register for the next training course and join us as we work together to grow your business.
Maritime Transport
& Logistics
Coastal Tourism
Maritime Security
Vessel Repair & Maintenance
Taita Taveta
Tana River
Over 70 percent of the Earth is covered by water. Half of the world’s population lives within 60 km of the sea, and three-quarters of all large cities are on the coast. The Blue Economy concept includes recognition that the productivity of healthy freshwater and ocean ecosystems is a pathway for aquatic and maritime-based economies. It ensures that islands and other coastal countries, as well as land-locked states, benefit from their resources. It also requires an integrated, holistic and participatory approach that includes sustainable use and management of Blue Economy resources for societal progress in a diverse Africa.

Sinapis GoBlue NOW! is co-financed by GIZ and EU and being implemented by Sinapis and aims to work on value chain and skills development of micro, small, and medium-size enterprises (MSME). We will provide support within this sector by strengthening inclusive and sustainable blue economy industries.  

Benefits of the program: 

Sinapis Impact on Entrepreneurship
Over the past decade, Sinapis has trained over 6,100 small business leaders who offer valuable products and services. Job creation is a critical metric for Sinapis, and the entrepreneurs who have completed our training programs have created, on average, 1.6 jobs each since they finished the program, equipping individuals and families to flourish.

Sinapis also brings a deep focus on women and youth-led entrepreneurship. With a global network comprising 53% women entrepreneurs and nearly 50% of entrepreneurs under the age of 35, Sinapis’ products are a strong fit for women and youth business leaders.  In fact, 91% of Sinapis women entrepreneurs agreeing or strongly agreeing that their experience with Sinapis boosted their self-confidence. We believe we have the right approach to contribute significantly to women’s economic empowerment through entrepreneurship. 

Sinapis brings relevant regional experience in the coastal bloc. Since 2018, we have trained 72 entrepreneurs in our 4-month Academy program in Mombasa, and trained 316 entrepreneurs through workshops.

Sinapis GoBlue NOW! is a program funded by GIZ in partnership with the EU delegation to work on value chain and skills development of micro, small, and medium-size enterprises (MSME) throughout the coastal regions of East Africa. Sinapis will provide support within this sector by strengthening inclusive and sustainable blue economy industries.