Aspire Launchpad

Aspire is a 9-week training program for idea stage and early stage entrepreneurs that helps entrepreneurs build a scalable business model while integrating their faith into the business.

Aspire Launchpad - Upcoming Intakes in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda


What to Expect

Live, in-person, interactive sessions
Sinapis is big on relationships. Community with the right mentors, peers, and support network is vital. So from the start, classes are live, in-person, interactive sessions where you engage with others in debates, live simulation games, and problem sets.
On average 6 hours per week for 9 weeks
Aspire is offered in different formats, such as Saturday mornings or one evening per week. Each session lasts 3.5 hours. However, you should expect to spend 6-8 hours per week across class time, fieldwork, and study.
Refine your ideas with help from
other entrepreneurs

Aspire’s training is developed in partnership with Co.Starters. It is a discussion-based course where entrepreneurs refine their ideas while engaging each other. The curriculum is tailored with local case studies exploring challenges that you are actually likely to face. During sessions, you will learn from the challenges and successes from established entrepreneurs that visit the class. You will receive the key business concepts to overcome the challenge and a toolkit to apply the knowledge to your business.
Pre-built scholarship into the cost of tuition
We’ve essentially pre-built a scholarship into the cost for you. Sinapis, Co. Starters, and generous donors have subsidized the cost so that an entrepreneur’s participation isn’t based on if they can afford tuition but rather if they have the drive and the passion to launch businesses.

What to Expect

Week 1: All About You
Week 2: Knowing Your Customer
Week 3: Getting the Relationship Right
Week 4: Building the Model to Scale
Week 5: Strengthening Your Structure
Week 6: Discovering the Bottom Line
Week 7: Accounting for Growth
Week 8: Planning for the Future
Week 9: Celebration!