Aligning Faith and Work

August 8, 2022

Bumgerel Davaadorj,

Edit Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Bumgerel Davaadorj loves people and technology. After graduating from college and working for several years as a professional artist, she began serving children at a local community center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Observing the children’s natural curiosity with technology and knowing the growing role it would play in Mongolia’s growth, she dreamed of creating her own organization.

In 2019, that dream became a reality as Bumgerel and her team launched Edit Mongolia, an educational startup that teaches children to code. Edit Mongolia believes coding teaches children to think differently and helps them gain confidence by building technical skills and solving complex problems.

While Edit Mongolia was getting off the ground, Bumgerel searched for answers about what it meant to become an entrepreneur while serving God. She wanted training and friendships with other leaders, but in Mongolia, only 2% of the population identifies as Christian. Thankfully, she discovered the Asia Leadership Development Network (ALDN) while searching for “Christian leadership” on the internet.

We know the younger generations like technology, but most of us are just users and not creators. Children love to make things and play interesting games. I started wondering, why can't we learn and create things by using the power of information technology? In it, especially in writing code, everything is possible to create.

After receiving a scholarship in 2021, she enrolled in ALDN’s initial Aspire Launchpad cohort, a nine-week training program that helps idea-stage entrepreneur build a scalable, faith-based business model. Bumgerel continues to deepen her relationship with ALDN and is currently a leading member of the FaithTech Mongolian community, which was initiated by ALDN.

The business model canvas at the heart of the Aspire program helped her see her business with new clarity and prompted marketing changes that increased leads. Bumgerel credits the growing ALDN entrepreneurial community with providing her with encouragement and a shared vision. “I was struggling to get the business model right and decided to keep trying. Now I realize the critical importance of networking, communication, and relationships.”

Edit Mongolia blesses families and teen moms through financial support and Christian fellowship. Bumgerel gives glory to God for the influence and resources she has and hopes their work encourages others. “Every little success makes me braver and more motivated to solve the next problem. Our offerings, including coding, digital citizenship, and conversational English, can open a bright path for our students. By creating new job opportunities and roles for young people in the education sector, we can impact learning, working, and living in our society.”

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