Business Coaching: Accountability to Put Ideas into Practice

October 6, 2021

How coaching helps you get more out of your business training

Many entrepreneurs hesitate to get training, wondering if it will be worth the investment of time and resources. The demands of running a business, managing employees, and making time for family and community leave little margin, unless the training makes a significant difference.

Training gives you skills and perspective.

Formal business training helps you build on your experience and gives your business a stronger foundation, better structure, and more resilience. Whether you are starting to implement a new idea or are a seasoned entrepreneur, training can help you take your business to the next level.

Different types of training, like foundational courses, MBAs, and topical classes, may be more relevant at different times in your journey, but all entrepreneurs can benefit from training at various points. 

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Coaching helps you put your knowledge into practice.

Business coaching complements training by connecting you to an experienced coach and a group of like-minded peers. Great coaches ask the right questions to help you understand your market, overcome obstacles, and create an actionable plan.

Coaching also provides entrepreneurs with the accountability needed to make their ideas a reality. Regular check-ins and real-time assessments provide needed reminders and incentives to prioritize making progress on business goals.

“Coaching helped me follow through on so many things that were holding back the success of my business.”  –Kenyan entrepreneur Viola Maina

Peer accountability makes a difference.

Coaches help entrepreneurs think more deeply and apply knowledge more concretely, but in many cases accountability to a peer group proves even more valuable. Small group coaching connects you to a carefully selected cohort of entrepreneurs who can provide helpful feedback and inspiration as you actively implement your business plans under the guidance of your coach. 

Most entrepreneurs struggle to escape the temptation to spend all their time on the pressing needs of the day. Small group coaching helps you carve out space to take truly strategic action.

“We get busy and lose focus and other things seem more urgent. Coaching helps you take the steps to stay accountable to your journey.” –Kenyan entrepreneur Mary Chege

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Sinapis coaching boosts your return on investment.

We designed our coaching program to help our program graduates take the next step toward their business success. Building on the principles of our highly regarded training programs, Sinapis coaching combines the best of expert individual business coaching with the proven benefits of a mastermind peer group. 

Our coaching cohorts are deliberately exclusive. These invitation-only groups are formed to provide transformational experiences, and each member commits to full engagement. If you’re looking for ways to increase the ROI of your business training, and you’re ready for significant results, Sinapis business coaching is for you.

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