Sinapis and Compassion International Partner to Train Young Entrepreneurs in Kenya

May 26, 2023

Did you ever wonder what’s next for the children who age out of Compassion International’s programs? Some are getting the tools they need to become part of Kenya’s newest generation of successful entrepreneurs. For the third year in a row, Sinapis partnered with Compassion to offer our 9-week Aspire course for early-stage entrepreneurs to a select group of young adults interested in starting and scaling small businesses.

Each week, our experienced trainers taught participants business essentials ranging from customer relationships to accounting, and from building a model to scale to planning for the future. These young entrepreneurs were also challenged to consider what it means to steward a business for Kingdom purposes, model godly leadership in the face of corruption, and work toward impacting their local communities for good.

  • Of the 70 young men and women who enrolled in this round of classes, 93% graduated
  • Trainings were held in Nairobi and Kisumu, Kenya’s 1st and 3rd largest cities
  • 48.3% were business owners, and 51.7% were idea-stage entrepreneurs
  • 78.3% indicated that their faith was significantly strengthened by participating in the program

More trainings are planned through the end of 2023, including expanding access to our programs to other regions and countries in East Africa. We’re thrilled to come alongside Compassion graduates as they embark on this next journey, stepping into entrepreneurship and a life of contributing toward a thriving, faith-driven ecosystem in Kenya!

To learn more about Sinapis and how you can play a part in helping partnerships such as the one described here with Compassion International continue, visit or email

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