Do I need a mentor or a coach?

October 6, 2021

How to find the support you need to help your business grow

Whether you have a new business idea or have successfully launched your company, every entrepreneur can use support. But how do you know what type of help you need? 

At different points in your journey, you may call on your personal network, a training program, a mentor, or a business coach for guidance. Understanding the differences between these types of support can help you focus your efforts and maximize your growth.

Draw on your peer network

In business, as in life, the strength of your network can make a world of difference to your success. Building connections with other entrepreneurs gives you people to turn to when you have questions and offers the opportunity to serve others with your own expertise.

If you don’t have a strong peer network to support your business, a training program or group coaching can help you connect with entrepreneurs at a similar stage of growth. 

“Networking and sharing experiences lead to growth.”  –Kenyan entrepreneur Mary Chege

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Get business training

At a certain point, all entrepreneurs benefit from formal business training. Whether it’s a foundational course, a full MBA curriculum, or a topical class, training helps you start well and finish strong. 

With the right training, entrepreneurs are better able to spot opportunities, work through issues, and overcome challenges. And in today’s connected economy, more training is offered online or at an accelerated pace than ever before. 

“Sinapis training answered my question of how to do business biblically.”  –Rwandan entrepreneur Fred Mugisha

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Find a mentor

With the right mentor, entrepreneurs can build connections, find opportunities, and chart a more direct path to success. Your mentor can help you grow into your potential and give you advice for specific issues or your overall game plan.

Because mentoring relationships are often long-term and high-impact, when looking for a mentor, consider the person’s ethics and integrity as well as his or her skills and experience. And remember that mentoring can be a two-way street, with both individuals gaining valuable knowledge and insights.

“Doing business the Kingdom way—generosity to other businesspeople and the community—stands out.”  –Sinapis Graduate and Country Director for Uganda Juliet Kasiita

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Level up with business coaching

Mentors and business coaches are not interchangeable, but they are also not mutually exclusive. Many entrepreneurs have both a mentor and a business coach since each provides different perspective and value.

A good coach asks powerful questions to help you uncover your vision, identify potential obstacles, and then determine the action steps you need to take. Coaches provide accountability to put strategies and tactics into place.

“Coaching helped me follow through on so many things that were holding back the success of my business.”  –Kenyan entrepreneur Viola Maina

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Get all the support you can

When it comes to doing business, you cannot have too much support. A strong network, training courses, mentors, and business coaches are all important to your success. Rather than asking whether you need a mentor or a business coach, be open to finding both!

However, in circumstances where time, proximity, or resources limit your ability to get support, or when you cannot find the right mentor to help you in your journey, remote access training and small group business coaching from Sinapis are a powerful combination. With a focus on skills, accountability, and connection, Sinapis programs help you build your network and benefit from peer support while getting elite-level training that gets results.

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