KCJF Publishes New Learning Papers and Launches New Website

January 4, 2022

The Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund is a £5M, 4-year program that aims to test and support innovations that have the potential to stimulate job creation in Kenya. Sinapis has been the Fund Manager for the KCJF since early 2020, and currently supports 19 companies in the KCJF portfolio that are creating jobs and scaling innovative solutions in the manufacturing, agriculture, and informal sectors. We encourage you to check out the program's brand new website to learn more about the enterprises and entrepreneurs involved.

KCJF Website

Beyond scaling these 19 companies and creating thousands of jobs for primarily women and youth across Kenya, a key goal for the KCJF is to help nurture innovation and growth across Kenya's SME sector through sharing the learnings of what works and what doesn't from the Fund's companies. To that end, the KCJF team has produced a number of learning papers that highlight the innovations across our portfolio, providing insights and recommendations for other companies in similar sectors. These papers provide an exciting glimpse into some of Kenya's most interesting small businesses and how they are working to create job opportunities within the country.

Visit the KCJF Learnings page by clicking here or the image below. You can download the most recent reports on the website page.