Leading Through the Storm

July 8, 2021

A ship’s captain, leading his crew through a storm, needs a combination of skills and behaviors —personal and professional— to steer the ship to safe harbor.  The same can be said of entrepreneurs. The skillset and aptitudes needed to lead a startup team from product/market fit to growth and traction is multi-disciplinary, even in the best of economic times.  An entrepreneur trapped in a chaotic storm of economic collapse and turmoil, due to a national or global crisis, needs an even broader skillset to steer his ship into calm waters. However, these skills and aptitudes are not exclusively reserved for the super entrepreneurs amongst us – the likes of a Jeff Bezos of Amazon, or David Cook of Apple. These skills can be learned and mastered by any competent executive through discipline, practice, and self-awareness. The outcome of mastering these skills is one of security and renewed innovation for the entire organization.

Ray Barreth recently shared his experiences and wisdom on how to lead through the storms of a crisis in your business. Ray weaves his sailing experiences as a highly skilled and seasoned sailor alongside being an incredible entrepreneur. We believe you’ll enjoy watching this replay of a recent workshop with us.

Summary takeaways:

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Ray Barreth has over 30 years of experience creating, directing, and leading new ventures in the United States and the United Kingdom. As a serial entrepreneur, Ray has launched six companies from product inception to scale dynamic businesses for the glory of God in sub-Saharan Africa. He was a mentor in the Kansas City Start Up Village helping scaling entrepreneurs perfect their business models.

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