Lonely No More

November 15, 2022

Loneliness in entrepreneurship is a topic that people are starting to talk about, but not many are doing much to address it. At Sinapis, we have a team dedicated to supporting the emotional, spiritual, and practical needs of entrepreneurs who choose to grow in a Sinapis program.

The allures of calling the shots, making something of yourself, and the mirage of instant success distract from the reality that all responsibility rests on your shoulders. When the isolation of the entrepreneurial journey is combined with the challenging conditions of emerging markets, business success is scarce. And, without continued support and coaching, the ripple effect on surrounding communities is severely limited.

This is true for one of Sinapis’ staff, Joseph Wekesa.

Before joining Sinapis in 2018, Joseph was an aspiring entrepreneur. At the outset of his journey, he understood entrepreneurship as simple as buying, selling, and making money. However, Joseph would soon learn that this is not the case. In university, he started an agricultural technology business that failed miserably. Despite this setback, Joseph learned that trying to launch, scale, and navigate a business external to a support network and community is challenging, especially in the face of market pressures. 

After graduating from university and gaining more work experience, Joseph still had a burning passion for starting a business. Yet, he knew he needed hands-on support and training before launching again. With this need, Joseph found Sinapis and enrolled in our Entrepreneur Academy program, a highly-practical, four-month MBA alternative for early-stage to growth-stage entrepreneurs. 

At Sinapis, Joseph found what he was looking for: community, enhanced skills, and an understanding that business is more than simply making money.

2022 Alumni Awards Dinner and Celebration

Today, Joseph serves Sinapis as the East Africa Alumni Engagement Manager. Drawing on his experience, Joseph and the Alumni Team ensure that other entrepreneurs like him don’t go without the support and community needed to thrive. The team makes over 800 touch points with alumni  through phone calls, emails, and WhatsApp messages each quarter. All with the goal of providing encouragement, support through difficult personal and professional circumstances, and ensure they take advantage of all Sinapis has to offer. 

At Sinapis, we believe the entrepreneurial journey doesn’t need to be lonely. If you're an alumni but aren't staying connected, reach out to Joseph. If you believe that our work needs to be available to more people, your donation ensures that an entrepreneur receives the support and community needed to become a force for lasting change in their communities. 

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