Sinapis Network: Equip Mozambique Collaborates with Bluefields of Brazil

May 11, 2023

Sinapis has long desired to see a global network of people joining forces to address both physical and spiritual poverty through training, capital, talent, and research. That’s why we formed the Sinapis Network, a growing community of like-minded organizations who are equipping entrepreneurs around the world. Sinapis currnetly partners with organizations in Ghana, Brazil, Burundi, Egypt, Liberia, Mexico, Mongolia, and Mozambique, providing  access to our curriculums, toolkits, and systems, as well as in-depth training and ongoing interaction with our team of experts. Each aligns with our mission and has a calling from God to equip entrepreneurs and see all people reconciled to Christ. Additional benefits of joining the Sinapis Network include making valuable connections and learning from others within our larger shared community.

Sinapis’ newest partner, Equip Mozambique (2022), began in Beira, Mozambique, in 2014 with a mission of “breaking the cycles of poverty by educating, equipping, and empowering godly Mozambican leaders to transform their nation.” Recently, they’ve been teaming up with one of our first global partners, Bluefields Development in Brazil, a San Paulo-based impact and technology-driven business accelerator that joined our network in 2017.

The partners first met in person at our international summit in Egypt in 2022 and then again at the FORGE global summit in Kenya in early 2023. Though they are roughly 5,000 miles and an ocean apart, both organizations serve Portuguese-speaking communities, and their Sinapis connection has led to creative collaborations. Bluefields  shared its Portuguese-translation resources with Equip Mozambique, and cross-training within their Sparks program helped Equip Mozambique better serve local idea and early-stage entrepreneurs. There is also an ongoing mentoring and communication relationship between the two.

At Sinapis, we long to see a thriving, Christ-centered entrepreneurial ecosystem in every community. That’s why we love seeing partnerships like the one between Bluefields and Equip Mozambique form and thrive.

Are you interested in becoming part of the Sinapis Network? Contact our Director of Training and Global Partnerships, Sylvie Somerville, at

And don’t forget to save the date for FORGE, our annual global summit. The next FORGE will take place April 23-27, 2024, in Cluj, Romania.