Sinapis Launches Ascent For Next-Stage Growth Entrepreneurs

June 1, 2022

For over 10 years, Sinapis has trained and accelerated emerging market entrepreneurs. These business leaders understand their markets--both the challenges and the opportunities. Their companies provide valuable products and services, create and sustain jobs, and function as economic engines that drive growth and support the flourishing of communities.

In our work, we have successfully journeyed with entrepreneurs who have ranged from idea through early growth stages, and occasionally beyond. In this, we have increasingly been considering how to further support those whose businesses have started and advanced well but struggle with reaching the next level. Too many founders plateau too early, not fully achieving their potential. The opportunity cost of this is high, as these businesses have the potential to have an outsized impact on their communities and the nation at large - economically, socially, and spiritually.

Ascent is designed for entrepreneurs in this stage, equipping them to achieve breakout growth and attract and effectively utilize capital, fueling the move beyond where their businesses are today.

Ascent is an elite program open to limited cohorts of highly engaged East African founders and their leadership teams looking to accelerate their growth and take their businesses to the next level. Over nine months, the founders and their teams will engage in practical workshops, investment readiness-related activities, and individual time with successful mentors to advance their business model and team culture. They will also have time with other CEOs participating in the program in a peer-to-peer setting. Together, these are designed to provide structure, space, assistance, and active engagement with other entrepreneurs to chart high growth pathways (both business and personal) and remove bottlenecks and obstacles.

The inaugural cohort of Ascent comprises six founders and their leadership teams with businesses ranging from ag processing, real estate, marketing research and advisory, health care, legal and business advisory, and health data management and analytics.

We are excited to work with these six highly motivated founders and their teams to develop clarity and pathways for accomplishing commercial success and driving broader impact, transforming lives and communities. I would love the chance to talk to you more about Ascent and ways you can join us in this work.

Toby Kilgore
Managing Director, Strategic Initiatives & Growth Services

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