Uganda Business Competition 2023

June 28, 2023

Five dynamic Ugandan entrepreneurs came together this past Saturday to pitch their businesses before a live audience at Sinapis’ third Uganda Business Competition in Kampala. Vying for a UGX 37M prize before a panel of esteemed judges, each founder shared their inspiring entrepreneurial journey, current and future plans for scale, and passion for running flourishing Kingdom businesses that impact the communities and employees they serve. After a tremendous effort by all, Joy Niwomujini, co-founder of Jubilee Health Services, Ltd., was declared the winner.

Finalists were narrowed down from a pool of applicants who completed Sinapis’ classes in 2022. In preparation for the event, they participated in weeks of additional pitch coaching by Sinapis’ team of advisors. Although only one could take home the prize, all five entrepreneurs will continue to leave a mark on Uganda’s growing economic ecosystem. Here’s a look at each talented finalist:

Joy Niwomujuni (winner) is the co-founder of Jubilee Health Services Limited, located in Kyanja, a suburb of Kampala. Her company carries out both in-clinic and mobile health services, focusing especially on providing annual health screenings in schools for students who need them. Joy is a trained nurse and also holds an M.A. in Public Health. She has a passion for helping sick people find solutions to their health problems. Through her work serving others, Joy honors the memory of her late mother who lost her life to a preventable illness. Joy especially appreciates Sinapis’ emphasis running a Kingdom business God’s way, and the integrity and patience that comes from that.

Sandra Ejang is the founder and CEO of Western Silk Road, a packaged honey company that she began in 2014. Today she has a retail store that showcases a large variety of honey-based products, and her business works with 30 groups of suppliers, supporting a value chain of 1600 people. Sandra’s love of honey grew out of spending time as a child with her grandmother, who also raised bees for honeycomb to enjoy at home. Sandra credits Sinapis with helping her “take the big leap and get out of my home garage” into a store where she has experienced revenue growth of more than 100% in the first year. Establishing a business plan and learning “to involve God in your business as one of your shareholders” are additional benefits Sandra says Sinapis brought to her and her company.

Eva Magembe is the founder and CEO of Dubai Supermarket, a grocery and supply store with two locations in Bunamwaya and Seguku. Dubai Supermarket is a company that makes shopping convenient for customers by offering a home and business delivery option. This facet of her supermarket chain’s niche was born out of Eva’s previous need for delivery assistance as a busy communications specialist who worked full-time while raising four children. Asked to describe one of her biggest takeaways from her Sinapis training, Eva says, “When you’re prioritizing things, make sure people come first.” She also credits Sinapis with helping her become more intentional in showing love in her workplace. Eva has been leading Dubai Supermarket for six years and employs 18 people.

Dr. Doreen Mazakpwe-SSemujju is the founder and CEO of Naturally Nourish, a company that offers mother-child nutrition consultations in-person as well as virtually in the Kampala metropolitan area. Her company’s goal is to become the area’s leader in solving breastfeeding and nutrition-related issues for mothers and children during “the first 1000 days” — from a mother’s pregnancy through the first two years of a baby’s life. Dr. Doreen also participates in social media campaigns and platforms that serve thousands of women across the globe, especially during World Breastfeeding Week. Her profession has helped her realize how much God cares about mothers and women — and given her purpose to use her experiences to make the lives of other mothers better. Dr. Doreen appreciates Sinapis for sparking her generosity toward mothers and babies, business owners, medical professionals, and anyone she connects with who touches the lives of mothers and babies. She shares, “It really gives me so much satisfaction that a mother is having a more peaceful and joyful journey than before she met me.”

David Monday is an innovator, founder, and CEO of Pendeza Shelters, a company that builds affordable eco-houses with “eco-bricks” — locally sourced plastic bottles compacted with soil — as a chief construction material. His company also uses sand mixed with cement, grass for roofing, and iron sheets to complete each quality home. David is a leader who values teamwork and cooperation while employing 80 to 120 local workers on-site in the communities where Pendeza homes are built. His favorite projects to date have been in refugee camps. David appreciates what Sinapis has taught him about running a Kingdom business — especially in the areas of prayer, leadership, and trust within a company. He believes no one should be without a home, and created Pendeza Shelters to make affordable housing available to more people.

Judges for this year’s Uganda competition were Alice Kampire Muwonge, CPA, FCCA, Director and Chief Financial Officer, Ortus Africa Capital; Evan Wanjiru, Co-Founder, Mighty Ally Institute; Ivan Mandela, Co-Founder and Director of Investment, Shona; Olga Kiconco, CM, Living Labs, Future Africa; and Richard Tugume, CEO of Practitioners of Contemporary Philosophy Ltd. and Regional Director for Global Social Impact Fund.

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