Entrepreneur Academy

Sinapis’ Entrepreneur Academy is an intensive, 4-month MBA alternative designed to accelerate training for entrepreneurs with businesses in the seed stage to the growth stage.
You’ll receive executive-level training developed in partnership with Acton School of Business’ MBA program, which was designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. We’ve distilled their program into a 16-week curriculum and integrated real-life insights from our experience at Harvard, PricewaterhouseCoopers, McKinsey & Company, and Ernst & Young.
“I highly recommend this Entrepreneurship course if you want to take your business to the next level and also grow it in a godly way. Sinapis is the place to be.” – Lorna A., Kenya
You will learn key business concepts for sales, finance, management, human resources, operations, and leadership. And 25% of the curriculum focuses on Kingdom Business, which helps you understand how to integrate your faith with your business to glorify God, develop a successful work culture, and create social and spiritual impact both within and beyond your business.

Sinapis’ Entrepreneur Academy takes a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional MBA program without all of the theory that entrepreneurs don’t need and don’t have time for. Many alumni say it’s one of the best investments they’ve made, and they wish they had done it sooner. They learned how to save time, avoid mistakes, and accelerate growth.

Entrepreneur Academy - Weekend (Virtual Class)

March 25, 2023 | 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EAT | Virtual via Zoom | Kampala, Uganda

What to Expect

Live, in-person, interactive sessions
Sinapis is big on relationships. Community with the right mentors, peers, and support network is vital. So from the start, classes are live, in-person, interactive sessions where you engage with others in debates, live simulation games, and problem sets.
On average 15 hours per week for 4 months
The Entrepreneur Academy is offered in different formats, which can vary by cost, structure, and weekly commitment. For instance, some classes may be structured around evenings or weekends. Or an executive format may condense class time into 3 consecutive 8-hour days every month for 4 months. On average you should expect to spend 15-20 hours per week across class time, fieldwork, and study.
Explores challenges tailored with local case studies
The curriculum is tailored with local case studies exploring challenges that you are actually likely to face. You will receive the key business concepts to overcome the challenge and a toolkit to apply the knowledge to your business.
Pre-built scholarship into the cost of tuition
While pricing varies by country, we’ve essentially pre-built a scholarship into the cost for you. Sinapis, Acton School of Business, and generous donors have subsidized the cost so that an entrepreneur’s participation isn’t based on if they can afford tuition but rather if they have the grit to complete 4 months of rigorous training. The highest performing entrepreneurs may also receive tailored advisory, help in raising capital, ongoing mentorship, and additional opportunities to accelerate their businesses.

Course Overview

Week 1: Orientation, Opportunity Checklist & Intro to Kingdom Business
Week 2: Customer Development, Targeting the Right Customer, Kingdom Business Framework
Week 3: Understanding Customer Needs, Market Research & Calling from the Creator
Week 4: Unit Economics & Personal and Vital Connection to Jesus
Week 5: Making Your First Major Sale & Holiness, Justice & Love, Part I
Week 6: Financial Accounting, Financial Statements & Holiness, Justice and Love, Part II
Week 7: Interpreting Financial Statements & Writing Part I of Spiritual Integration Plan
Week 8: Projecting Financial Statements & Reflection of the Journey, Part I
Week 9: Finding the Right People, Governance and Christ-Centered Culture
Week 10: Operations & Wise Stewardship of Resources
Week 11: Building a Sales Funnel, Pricing & Writing Spiritual Integration Plan, Part II
Week 12: Working Capital & Disciple Making
Week 13: Company Identity, Key Performance Indicators, Performance Management & Measurable Fruit
Week 14: Industry Structure & Dealing with Competition & Writing Spiritual Integration Plan Part III
Week 15: Financing Decisions, Pitching to Investors & Spiritual Capital
Week 16: Leadership & Project Management, Significant Other Covenant, & Reflection of the Journey, Part II

Business Competition

Throughout the Entrepreneur Academy, entrepreneurs work to develop and refine an investment-worthy business plan. Upon graduation, these entrepreneurs are invited to submit their business proposals to Sinapis’ annual Business Competition.

If selected, they compete in a live event to pitch their business to a panel of business leaders, influencers, and investors. The winner receives grant-based seed capital. And in participating countries, outstanding finalists are invited to join Sinapis’ Fast Track Accelerator business accelerator program.

Sinapis has hugely contributed to our business's growth, sustainability, and success. They have helped link us to potential investors/funding opportunities, publicized our business to the market, and provided ongoing strategic advice.

Leah Imaita
Co-Owner, Jazza Centre

"This is one program every business owner should consider enrolling in. The benefits are immeasurable. I'm a beneficiary. Thank you, Sinapis!"

Joseph Gichunge
Co-Founder & CEO, Jazza Centre

"Sinapis gave me a full kit to use to start my business."

Niyonzima Pierre
CEO & Founder, Safe Sana

"At Sinapis I gained the skills I needed in order to manage my business. I also learned how to raise funds from investors."

Murerwa Xavier
CEO, Gishuri Chicken Organic Farm

"The Crisis Crash Course was very instrumental in improving my general business management, time allocation, building strong networking connections as well as improving my lobbying skills."

Geoffrey Kinaalwa
CEO & Founder, La' Marc

"The Sinapis Entrepreneur Academy unit economics class helped me determine my unit and how much it costs for me to produce one."

Alex Wanyu
Founder, Alexander Perfumery LTD

"When we started our Sinapis classes, we were asked to pick one business. I chose a new venture I was getting into - speaking. I would never have imagined that just over a year later I would be speaking on the biggest stage - TED. May this be a testimony that Kingdom business has a benefit here and in Heaven."

Robert A. Belle
CEO, SMIP Consultancy

"Sinapis gave me conviction to know that you can still do business the right way - The Kingdom Business Way. You do not have to bribe or pay your way into a contract. Hard work, faith, and prayer works wonders. I am truly grateful for this."

Brian Gacheru
CEO, Pristine Linen & Laundry Limited

"I loved the Kingdom Business aspect and approach in the program. I am more enlightened than I was when I joined the program. It is very worthwhile."

Margaret Njenga
Founder, Margarita Bakes