Sinapis Business Coaching

Once you’ve completed a Sinapis training course, you have the skills you need to advance your business significantly. Why, then, do so many entrepreneurs fall short of their goals?

If you’re like most small business owners, you have many demands on your time and resources. Faced with immediate needs, putting effort toward strategic goals can be extremely difficult. 

Sinapis developed a unique group coaching program for our graduates designed to help you navigate these challenges. The support of your coach and a small group of other successful entrepreneurs helps you put your knowledge into practice and see significant growth in your business.

What Sinapis coaching involves

Coaching participants commit to a small group of like-minded Sinapis alumni. Together, you work with an experienced coach, gaining insight and clarity about your business structure and processes, practicing new skills, and sharing accountability to act.
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What you gain from Sinapis business coaching

While calculating concrete return on investment varies by individual and industry, across the board coaching program participants report deriving significant value for their business. By participating in a small group coaching cohort, you can expect to gain:
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“It’s easy to get busy and lose focus—so many other things seem more urgent. Being part of a coaching group was just what I needed.” 
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When you should consider Sinapis Coaching

Wondering if you’re ready for a focused business coaching program? Not sure if you need coaching since you already have connections with Sinapis classmates or an experienced mentor? We encourage you to take advantage of all the support you can find! If you are a Sinapis alumnus committed to business growth, coaching is the next step in the journey.
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Ready to take the next step?

Cohorts are forming now for Sinapis business coaching. Register your interest and our team will reach out to answer your questions. Once you’re accepted to the program, we’ll connect you to a group designed with your strengths and goals in mind.