We may have reached our 2021 goal, but a donation to our Scholarship Fund is a way financial partners can support the growth of entrepreneurs throughout East Africa throughout 2022. This funding supports nearly every entrepreneur that participates in our programs.

COVID continues to bring the dual challenges of infection and reduced economic activity.
Only 6.8% of the Kenyan population is currently vaccinated, and government and public health leaders warn that Omicron may bring a fifth wave of infection and additional lockdowns. A drought in Kenya is impacting the agricultural sector, which upholds the livelihood of millions, and the impending 2022 Kenya election is expected to halt the economy for up to six months due to uncertainty and the fear of violence and instability.

Sinapis trained entrepreneurs are resilient and are able to grow their businesses in the midst of challenges. 76% of our alumni report being in business three years after completing a program. On average, they grow company revenue by 81% growth in the first year after training. Our training is proven, and we're committed to equipping more entrepreneurs than ever.

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Your gift will make it possible for entrepreneurs to build their skills, grow in their faith, and join a long-term community of committed faith-driven business leaders. By investing in these entrepreneurs, they will build companies that provide essential jobs and create sustainable economic growth within their communities. They will grow as leaders and share the hope of Christ. You can play a critical role in helping an entrepreneur and all who depend on their company survive the challenges of COVID and the election in the coming year.

Thanks to you, we exceeded our end of 2021 goal of $100,000!

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Learn more from our East African Entrepreneurs, Staff, and Partners

Investing In Entrepreneurship Generates Kingdom Impact - Matthew Rohrs

The pandemic has created an economic downturn that is having a disproportionate impact on lower-income nations. Combined with the upcoming 2022 Kenyan election that has historically caused the economy to stall, you can begin to see major challenges facing East African entrepreneurs and the families who depend on their companies for survival. To help entrepreneurs survive and ultimately grow their ventures, we are increasing the number of scholarships we offer. Funded opportunities that have a proven track record of helping businesses thrive despite challenges.

Join us by making a contribution that will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000 by the end of the year.


James Nyamai - 2021 Business Competition Winner

James Nyamai graduated from our Sinapis Entrepreneur Academy in 2019 thanks to the Sinapis Scholarship Fund. James is the founder and CEO of Bioafriq Energy and Taliana Foods.

James recently won our 2021 Kenya Business Competition and will receive a $10,000 grant to invest in Taliana Foods.


The Five Year Cycle - How National Elections Affect Business and Economics In Kenya - Rev. Edward Ondachi

Rev. Edward Ondachi shares how churches, including Mavuno church where he serves, have been caught flat-footed by the ravaging effect of Covid-19. Mavuno had to cut its 120 pastoral full-time staff by nearly 50%. However, he believes that now is the best time to train church workers and pastors on skills that would help them start and thrive as entrepreneurs.


Overcoming the Impending Risks of an Election Year in Kenya - Yvette Ondachi

Yvette Ondachi, Sinapis East Africa Regional Director, shares her reflections on the upcoming 2022 Kenyan election as an entrepreneur who navigated the challenges of the last one. Elections bring insecurity and a stalled economy that affects everyone. Our work at Sinapis equips entrepreneurs with the tools needed to ride this impending storm and minimize suffering during these hard times.


Carolyne Njung'e - 2021 Business Competition Winner

Candi Fresh Kenya was born during the pandemic. Carolyne and her co-founder set out to create a disruptive business model to alleviate social and economic stress among those who had lost their jobs, especially young people transitioning from university into the workforce.

Carolyne launched her business in early 2020 with one food cart and has grown it to over 45 carts. She credits our Customer Discovery Journey process as a critical learning during her time in the Entrepreneur Academy this year.


Prudence For The Fishermen - Rev. Dr. Pete Odera

Rev. Dr. Pete Odera believes we have an opportunity as leaders in the Kenyan community to show the way in mitigating the impact these crises have on our economy and social stratum. Organizations with the vision and capacity can find ways of direct funding for projects or programs that would fill the gap. I see this looming time as an opportunity for impact rather than gloom.

Dr. Odera provides additional perspective on the current conditions in Kenya and his vision of how the Church can maximize this impact during these uncertain times.